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BTC Halving Historical Data
First HalvingBlock height: 210,000Block reward: 25.00 BTCHalving day price: $12.22Daily price change: + 1.24%Monthly price change: + 13.00%Max gain in 6 months: + 2022.26%
Second HalvingBlock height: 420,000Block reward: 12.50 BTCHalving day price: $648.76Daily price change: + 0.15%Monthly price change: - 6.61%Max gain in 6 months: + 75.70%
Third HalvingBlock height: 630,000Block reward: 6.25 BTCHalving day price: $8825.46Daily price change: + 2.96%Monthly price change: + 9.49%Max gain in 6 months: + 81.37%
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What is Bitcoin halving?
Block halving events happen every 4 years or 210,000 blocks on Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin's initial block reward was 50 BTC. The current block reward is 6.25 BTC, the next block reward will be 3.125 BTC. Every 210,000 blocks, or approximately every four years, the currency issuance rate is decreased by 50%. The halving is periodical and is programmed into Bitcoin's code. For more details please visit:
Why was this done?
Conventional FIAT currencies allow governments or banks to print money and cause inflation. In Bitcoin's case, the total supply will be maxed out at 21,000,000 BTC. Printing extra money causes inflation, if there is no extra money printed, the value of the Bitcoin should increase as the demand will rise (more people will start to use Bitcoin) and supply will lower or stay flat (no more Bitcoins are "printed"). This makes Bitcoin similar to gold, which has limited supply and cannot be "printed" or artificially created.
What does this page do?
This tool tracks the Bitcoin blockchain in real-time to provide an accurate live countdown to the next BTC halving event. It updates continuously to reflect the current state of the Bitcoin network. You can even use our graph to analyze the BTC halving. Any more request you can contact [email protected]
How often does this page update?
This page updates the predictions automatically without refreshing, on every new block mined. Unlike most countdowns, it is not a hard-coded date or set manually. Its an accurate mathematical prediction based on the average time taken to mine each block on the BTC network. This prediction is algorithmically updated when a new block is mined, roughly every 10-15 minutes.